Synergy. IT Business & IT Education Starts on December 16!

Synergy. IT Business & IT Education educational IT conference will take place on December 16–17 in Kyiv. This is an annual event by IT Ukraine Association, the largest specialized association.

IT Business & IT Education 2021 is:

  • 2 days of intensive communication and identification of vectors of IT education development in offline and online formats;

  • Several dozen leading speakers from business, education, science and governmental authorities, who determine the vectors of IT education development;

  • Workshops from leading IT companies;

  • Opportunity to visit the area of exposition of educational programs from business and educational institutions.


When: December 16-17

Address: st. Vladimirskaya 49 A, INVERIA event space. You can buy tickets on the website at the link.

You can also apply and join the event as a speaker.

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Meeting with stakeholders

Recently, the Deputy Chairman of the IT Association Daria Nyshporska was invited to Vinnytsia National Agrarian University to meet with current stakeholders of the Faculty of Economics and Entrepreneurship!

Representatives discussed the development of partnerships in the direction of transformation and modernization of curricula, as well as improving the internship of higher education students in the real sector of the economy and business.

Daria informed that the IT-Association needs IT specialists, as the information market is gaining momentum. At the recent General Meeting of the Association, a program of cooperation with Institutions of higher education was announced, and its active implementation will begin in November!

Generel meeting IT VN 

20 best Vinnytsia IT companies gathered to discuss projects, plans and development prospects!

The following key points were discussed:

Annual performance report

Development strategy for 2022 SHIT VN Big Jump

And for dessert - the first tour of IT Park


Thanks to all members of the Association for their presence, cool networking and afterparty ;)

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Vinnytsia-techno-heart of Ukraine

Offices of more than 150 IT companies are located in Vinnytsia, 11 of which are in the TOP 50 of Ukraine. Companies are diverse: outsourcing, game development, and AI, product, hardware. Our city ranks 6th in Ukraine in the number of IT specialists and is closer to Odesa and the Dnipro and ahead of several larger cities, such as Zaporizhzhia, Mykolaiv, Mariupol, Kryvyi Rih.

The mission of our Association is to promote the development of the IT industry in the region and protect the interests of our participating companies. Dmytro Sofyna, CEO of our Association, talks about how Vinnytsia has managed to maintain its leading technological position since Soviet times, what are the advantages of urban education and why Vinnytsia is recognized as one of the most comfortable places in Ukraine.


Trade IT VN missions

Our Association promotes the local IT industry not only at the All-Ukrainian but also at the international level. In 2019, before the start of quarantine, we visited 4 powerful technology hubs at the invitation of foreign partners.

- With the help of Advantage Austria and the Embassy of Ukraine in Austria, we arrived in Vienna and Graz.

- Later we were invited by OurCrowd Israel, thanks to which we represented us in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel.

- As a result of the financial support of the Embassy of Poland in Ukraine and Vinnytsia Regional State Administration, we visited partners from Warsaw and Gdansk.

- At the invitation of IT Ukraine with the help of the Export Promotion Office, we visited the developed city of Oslo in Norway.

Missions to South Africa led by the Minister of Economy of Ukraine and a second visit to Austria were planned for 2020, but the situation with the spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus and quarantine restrictions forced to postpone these missions until 2022.


IT VN in School

Every year, members of the IT Association visit 40 Vinnytsia secondary schools, where they talk about the IT industry of our city for students in grades 8-11. This project aims to conduct career guidance work with young people, to interest students in learning the exact sciences and English. After all, IT is an industry that has a large demand for staff and provides opportunities for career growth and the self-development of young talents. Unfortunately, due to quarantine, this project had to be interrupted, but we always come back with new strength!

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IT VN Vaccination

Three Waves, 19 IT companies, 2,100 vaccinated with Pfizer/BioNTech. In less than a month, the IT Association of Vinnytsia successfully organized a mass vaccination campaign for its members.

About difficulties and unforeseen cases during the vaccination process, we wrote on DOU


IT VN Research'21

This year, the Vinnytsia IT Association launched the first comprehensive study of the region, which was named "IT VN Research-2021".


This non-profit project will allow you to explore technology, staffing requirements, infrastructure needs, the economic impact of the industry and form a portrait of the city's IT, specialist. Go to the project page.


Technological Future of Vinnytsia

In addition to the development of the Ukrainian IT community, the activities of the Vinnytsia Association are aimed at educating future competitive staff in the industry. That is why for students of 8-9 grades in cooperation with "Podolsk Scientific and Technical Lyceum for Gifted Youth" and Vinnytsia Regional State Administration we are launching a two-year educational program where students will learn the basics of robotics, programming, and innovative entrepreneurship.

The main goal of the "Technological Future of Vinnytsia" is to turn our region into a real innovation hub of Ukraine, in which local youth successfully create startups, implemented in the local IT market. More about the program - read on the page


Vinnytsia IT Park

Dmytro Sofyna, the CEO of our Association and co-founder and author of the Smart IT City concept, in early 2019 facilitated the implementation of a project to reconstruct the former “Vinnychanka” factory into the first IT Park in Central Ukraine.


This place provides a modern ecosystem of office, commercial and residential spaces of a new level of quality. Thus, in one place more than 21500m2, it is planned to gather the largest Vinnytsia IT companies, schools, freelancers and combine it all with commerce for the needs of residents of the complex (restaurants, cafes, terraces, gym, apartments, recreation areas, etc.)